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Top 10 Schengen Countries with the Easiest Visa Approval in 2024

Top 10 Schengen Countries with the Easiest Visa Approval in 2024

“Discover the top 10 Schengen countries where obtaining a visa is easier in 2024. Explore key insights and practical tips for smoother visa approval processes in popular European destinations.”

Schengen Visa 2024

Top 10 Schengen Countries with the Easiest Visa Approval in 2024

Planning a summer vacation to Europe?
Choose one of the ten Schengen nations with the lowest rejection rates to make your visa application procedure easier.
From the breath-taking scenery of Iceland to the cultural riches of Italy, these destinations provide the best prospects for a successful visa application.

Planning Your Vacations to Europe?

While some visitors can easily go to the Schengen Area, many require a visa to enjoy the sun-kissed beaches and cultural riches. Applying for a Schengen visa can be a lengthy procedure, typically involving months of preparation. Don’t worry, some countries make things easier than others.

Here's a complete guide to the top 10 Schengen Nations with the best odds of obtaining a visa for 2024

Top 10 Schengen Countries with the Easiest Visa Approval in 2024

1. Iceland

Rejection Rate: 2.2%

Your Gateway to Nature’s Wonderland: Iceland, known for its spectacular landscapes, including geysers and glaciers, has the lowest visa rejection rate. Iceland’s consulates are efficient, making it easy to obtain a visa. Once inside, you may relax and enjoy the famous Blue Lagoon or the mesmerising Northern Lights without worrying about visas.

Iceland Visa 2024 Schengen Visa 2024

Why Choose Iceland?

  • Smooth Visa Process: With a refusal rate of about 2.2%, your chances are great.
  • Unique Experiences: include geothermal springs, volcanic landscapes, and a thriving arts scene.

2. Switzerland

Rejection Rate: 10.7%

Easy Access to Alpine Beauty:
Switzerland blends stunning mountain scenery with metropolitan towns such as Zurich and Geneva. Its efficient visa processing and low refusal rate make it a viable option for a summer trip. Whether you’re hiking in the Alps or discovering tranquil lakes, Switzerland provides an easy gateway into Europe.


Why Choose Switzerland?

  • Quick Processing: Reduced bureaucratic red tape, with a rejection rate of 10.7%.
  • Diverse Activities: include skiing, hiking, luxury shopping, and good dining.

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3. Latvia

Rejection Rate: 11.7%

Simple Visa Application Process:
Latvia, with its picturesque capital Riga and gorgeous Baltic shoreline, provides a simple visa application process. The country is well-known for its rich cultural legacy and bustling festivals, making it an intriguing destination for travellers wishing to experience Eastern Europe.


Why Choose Latvia?

  • High Approval Rates: with a tolerable rejection rate of 11.7%
  • Rich Culture: Mediaeval buildings, bustling markets, and thriving music scenes.

4. Italy

Rejection Rate is 12%

Easy Access to Renaissance Splendour:
Italy, known for its art, culture, and gastronomy, continues to be a popular tourist destination. The country has a low visa denial rate, making it easier for applicants to visit Rome, Florence, Venice, and other destinations.

Why Choose Italy?

  •  Relatively Low Rejection: With a rejection rate of 12%, obtaining a visa is simple.
  • World-Class Attractions: include iconic monuments, historical sites, and delicious cuisine.

5. Luxembourg

Rejection Rate: 12.7%

A seamless entry into the heart of Europe:
Luxembourg, a small yet strategically positioned country, has a quick visa application process. Its centre location gives it an ideal base for touring neighbouring countries such as France, Belgium, and Germany.

Why Choose Luxembourg?

  • Efficient Visa Processing: With a rejection rate of 12.7%, the process runs smoothly.
  • Strategic Location: Ideal for multi-country excursions around Europe.

6. Lithuania

Rejection Rate: 12.8%.

Uncomplicated Access to Baltic Beauty: Lithuania’s rich history and natural beauty make it an appealing vacation, particularly given its low visa rejection rate. Lithuania is a hidden jewel, with its mediaeval Old Town of Vilnius and the beautiful dunes of the Curonian Spit.


Why choose Lithuania?

  • Easy Visa Approvals: A favourable rejection rate of 12.8%.
  • Historic Charm: Historic charm includes beautiful historical towns, castles, and pure countryside.

7. Slovakia

Rejection Rate: 12.9%.

A Smooth Path to Central Europe:
With its gorgeous scenery and historic towns, Slovakia has an easy visa application process. Slovakia offers a convenient entrée into Central Europe, whether you want to see Bratislava’s lovely streets or walk in the Tatra Mountains.

Why Choose Slovakia?

  • High Success Rate: A tolerable rejection rate of 12.9%.
  • Natural Beauty: includes scenic mountains, caves, and mediaeval castles.

8. Germany

Rejection Rate: 14.3%.

Easy Access to Europe’s Economic Powerhouse: Germany’s vibrant cultural scene, from Berlin’s art galleries to Munich’s beer gardens, is easily accessible thanks to its easy visa application process. Despite its popularity, Germany maintains a low rejection rate, making it a dependable option.

Why Should I Choose Germany?

  • Efficient Processing: A rejection rate of 14.3% means a higher possibility of approval.
  • Diverse Experiences: include modern cities, historical sites, and exuberant celebrations.

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9. Austria

Rejection Rate: 14.3%.

Easy Access to Mountain Elegance:
Austria, renowned for its mountain splendour and classical music legacy, has a streamlined visa application process. Austria is a fascinating and accessible destination, with majestic palaces in Vienna and the musical history of Salzburg.

Why Choose Austria?

Top 10 Schengen Countries Visa
  • Streamlined Procedure: With a 14.3% rejection rate, visa approval is likely.
  • Cultural Treasures: include Baroque buildings, renowned concerts, and breath-taking vistas.

10. Greece

Rejection Rate: 14.7%.

A Simple Path to Mediterranean Bliss:
Greece, with its renowned islands and historic ruins, is a wonderful vacation with a straightforward visa application. The sun-kissed beaches of Mykonos and the historical wonders of Athens are only a visa away.

Why Should You Choose Greece?

Greece Visa 2024
  • Fairly Easy Approval: With a rejection rate of 14.7%, there is a reasonable probability of receiving a visa.
  • Mediterranean Magic: Beautiful islands, a rich history, and an active nightlife.

Remember that, while these nations have high visa approval rates, you should always apply to the embassy or consulate in the country where you intend to spend the most of your time. “Visa shopping” is completely prohibited.

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Countries to Avoid: High Rejection Rates

If you wish to reduce your chances of rejection, avoid applying for Schengen visas from countries like Malta, Estonia, Belgium, Sweden, and Croatia, which may need more detailed visa applications.

  – Malta: Rejection Rate – 37.6%.
  – Estonia: Rejection Rate – 33.1%.
  – Belgium: Rejection Rate – 26.5%.
  – Sweden: Rejection Rate – 23.1%.
  – Croatia: Rejection Rate – 20%

The average refusal rate for Schengen visas in 2023 was 54.2%. Choose your application destination carefully to improve your chances of a successful trip.

A Final Note:

Begin arranging your European journey early! Visa processing times vary, so apply far ahead of your intended travel dates. With careful planning and this guidance, you may have a magical European Visit!



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